Geriatric Pharmacology: The Principles of Practice & Clinical Recommendations, Second Edition

PESI Publishing & Media - Fully revised and updated, this invaluable resource has become the go-to favorite for healthcare professionals. Here's what you'll find:- learn to manage medication combinations without causing harm- How to safely prescribe opioids- Avoiding the top 10 most dangerous geriatric drugs- Practical guidelines to stop and start prescriptions- Drug-drug interaction charts and strategies.

Now is its second edition, geriatric pharmacology: The Principles of Practice & Clinical Recommendations is the optimal guide for anyone seeking straightforward, concise and user-friendly information on medication dynamics for older adults.

Laboratory Tests Made Easy: A Plain English Approach

PESI Publishing & Media - This fully revised and updated book puts the information right at the fingertips of any medical professional at any experience level. Laboratory tests Made Easy is a must for your professional library. In this second edition you will find plain English summaries, pertinent case studies, and easy to read diagrams and tables.

Topics include: *complete blood count *urinalysis *chemistry profiles *live function tests *thyroid tests *hepatitis tests *HIV/AIDS tests *Arterial Blood Gases *Cardiac Biomarkers *Natriuretic Protein Levels *Pregnancy tests *Clotting Function tests *Lipid tests *C-Reactive Protein *Drug and Alcohol Screening *Pancreatic tests *Microbiology tests *Cancer Screening tests *21 Case Studies.

Laboratory Tests Made Easy: A Plain English Approach - This best-selling reference book provides both the "need to know" information, as well as the more in-depth "nice to know" details relevant to your patients lab results.

Geriatrics Pocketcard Set

Boerm Bruckmeier Publishing LLC - The cards contain information on topics such as activities of daily living, depression, incontinence, dementia, cardiac risk, and alcohol abuse. The geriatrics pocketcard Set is a concise summary of essential information on the assessment of the elderly patient. A variety of scales useful in evaluating the patient's health status include: • 10-item geriatric impairment inventory • Clock Drawing Test • Barthel Index of Activities of Daily Living • Geriatric Depression Scale • Functional Assessment Staging in Alzheimer´s Disease • Hachinski Ischemic Score • Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly • And many more.

. For students, residents, nurses and all other healthcare professionals.

Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics, Eighth Edition

McGraw-Hill Education / Medical - The eighth edition has been completely revised to provide the most current updates on the assessment and management of geriatric care. Features:• numerous tables and figures that summarize conditions, mechanisms, and more• thorough coverage of preventive services and disease screening• Eight chapters devoted to general management strategies• Important chapters on ethical issues and palliative care• Appendix of Internet resources on geriatricsEssentials of Clinical Geriatrics, therapeutics, Eighth Edition is the best resource available to help healthcare professionals provide the innovative, cost-effective, values, and  person-centered care that older people and their caregivers deserve.

Presented in full-color, this classic features a strong focus on the field’s must-know concepts, from the nature of clinical aging to differential diagnosis of important geriatric syndromes to drug therapy and health services. Since 1984, its goal has remained unchanged: to help clinicians do a better job of caring for their older patients.

Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics, Eighth Edition -  . You will find thorough and authoritative coverage of all the important issues in geriatrics, along with concise, practical guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and disorders most commonly encountered in an elderly patient. Publisher's note: products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

The leading introductory textbook on geriatrics – completely updated and revisedA Doody’s Core Title for 2019! Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics is an engagingly written, up-to-date introductory guide to the core topics in geriatric medicine.

Current Diagnosis and Treatment: Geriatrics 2E Current Diagnosis & Treatment

McGraw-Hill Education / Medical - Publisher's note: products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality,  authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. A doody's core title for 2015!an authoritative, professors, one-stop source of answers on conditions commonly encountered among older adultsFor more than 70 years, current, affordable, students, and clinicians have trusted LANGE for high-quality, concise medical information in a convenient, portable format.

. Whether for coursework, usmle prep, clerkships, or patient care, specialty board review, there's a LANGE book that guarantees success. Provides a framework for using the functional and cognitive status, nurses, respiratory disease, endocrine disorders, and social context of patients to guide diagnosis and treatment of medical conditionsApplies the principles of geriatric medicine in different care settings to address common clinical scenarios and common geriatric conditionsIncludes valuable information on health promotion and diseaseDelivers essential information on important topics such as delirium, and current diagnostic and treatment information on the most common health problems of older adultsThe best quick reference for busy clinicians who provide care for older patientsValuable to students, physician assistants, skin problems, cancers, falls and mobility disorders, residents, prognosis, sleep disorders, cognitive impairment, and arthritisCovers special geriatric considerations in cardiovascular health, Parkinson and other movement disorders, practical, internists, dementia, nurse practitioners, and renal disordersConcise, and family physicians.

Current Diagnosis and Treatment: Geriatrics 2E Current Diagnosis & Treatment - Includes guidance on care in all settings – clinic, home, hospital, and long-term care, as well as pre- and post-operative settings Mcgraw-hill Medical Publishing.

Geriatrics at Your Fingertips 2017

AMERICAN GERIATRICS SOCIETY - Mcgraw-hill Medical Publishing. Other than that, the book is like new. One bent front corner.

Sexuality and Dementia: Compassionate and Practical Strategies for Dealing with Unexpected or Inappropriate Behaviors

Demos Health - This behavior puts a strain on spouses and partners, as well as other loved ones and caregivers. Now, provides essential information and practical solutions to cope with these troubling and often embarrassing actions by providing: information on the contributing role of medication and overmedication, both prescribed and over-the-counter ways to handle inappropriate behaviors that respect the person with dementia, MD, for the first time, their loved ones, esteemed geriatric neuropsychiatrist, Douglas Wornell, and their caregivers recommendations to minimize the legal risk and potential for injury in long-term care facilities personal stories of the many ways couples have chosen to deal with the changes to their sexual dynamic and relationship " Mcgraw-hill Medical Publishing.

The first comprehensive guide for dealing with dementia's effect on Sex, Intimacy, aggression, including promiscuity, exhibitionism, and Relationships It is common for a person with dementia to exhibit inappropriate and uncharacteristic sexual behavior, verbal abuse, grabbing, and jealous paranoia.

Alzheimer's Disease: Prevention Strategies & Ways to Slow Progression

PESI Publishing & Media - Case studies and personal experiences highlight this must-have resource for anyone working with Alzheimer's, dementia and delirium patients. Mcgraw-hill Medical Publishing. Filled with strategies, exercise plans, diet solutions, activities and approaches - cognitive interventions, ways to promote social engagement and medication treatments.

Nationally respected gerontologist lisa Bryd has brought together the latest preventative research, along with the newest techniques to slow age-related cognitive decline in a breakthrough book on the management of Alzheimer's.

Handbook of Geriatric Assessment

Jones & Bartlett Learning - Awarded second place in the 2018 ajn book of the year awards in Gerontologic Nursing!Handbook of Geriatric Assessment, Fifth Edition is a multidisciplinary text that takes a contemporary approach in line with patient and family centered care. With contributions from the foremost experts in the field, it contains the latest information on geriatric assessments for older adults.

Completely updated and revised, payment reform and impact, including demographic trends, spiritual assessment, advance care planning, self-care and management, the Fifth Edition includes several new chapters, the VA health system, age friendly health systems, impact on familial relations, vulnerable populations, caregiver information, senior hunger, building geriatric interdisciplinary teams, and transitions of care.

Handbook of Geriatric Assessment - Mcgraw-hill Medical Publishing.

Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care

Health Professions Press - This revised second edition introduces new research, and examples to reinforce the core message that antipsychotic medications are not the solution to ease the distress experienced by individuals living with dementia, language, and presents alternative solutions for providing respectful, individualized support and care.

Centers for medicare and Medicaid Services CMS Mcgraw-hill Medical Publishing. Unique features in the book include: * discussion of new drug studies and government reports on the dangers and ineffectiveness of antipsychotic medications in the dementia population * Innovative practices in dementia care * A pathway to meet―and exceed―the drug-reduction goals established by the U.

Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care - S. Al power argued eloquently in his trailblazing book Dementia Beyond Drugs about the harm done by these medications in the symptomatic treatment of dementia. Years before the federal government started setting goals to reduce the use of psychotropic drugs in long-term care settings, Dr.

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2019

McGraw-Hill Education / Medical - Publisher's note: products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Know what the experts know and incorporate it into your daily practice with the #1 annual guide to internal medicineINCLUDES 7 ONLINE-ONLY CHAPTERS AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!Visit: www.

AccessMedicine. Com/cmdta doody’s core title for 2019! written by clinicians renowned in their respective fields, and treatment for more than 1, symptoms, signs, CMDT offers the most current insight into epidemiology, 000 diseases and disorders. This streamlined clinical companion is the fastest and easiest way to keep abreast of the latest diagnostic advances, prevention strategies, and cost-effective treatments.

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2019 - Features and content critical to clinical practice: •strong emphasis on the practical aspects of clinical diagnosis and patient management in all fields of internal medicine•full review of all internal medicine and primary care topics, geriatrics, and palliative care •Update of newly emerging infections and their treatments•Specific disease prevention information•Hundreds of medication tables, dermatology, neurology, including gynecology and obstetrics, ophthalmology, with indexed trade names and updated prices – plus helpful diagnostic and treatment algorithms•Recent references with PMID numbers•Full-color photographs and illustrations many new to this editionHERE ARE SOME OF THE MANY UPDATES AND ADDITIONS:•Revised section on pain management at the end of life•Updated ACC/AHA guidelines for treatment of valvular disease•New ACC/AHA and Hypertension Canada blood pressure guidelines•New FDA approved medications for treatment of breast cancer•New colon cancer screening recommendations from the U.

S. For each topic, you’ll find concise, evidence-based answers to questions about hospital and ambulatory medicine. Multi-society task force•acclaimed annual update of hiv/aids•new classification of epilepsy•Revised recommendations for treating hepatitis C virus-associated kidney disease•Revised chapter on psychiatric disordersNew FDA approved medication for gastric adenocarcinoma •Updated information about treating spinal muscular atrophy Mcgraw-hill Medical Publishing.