Hudson Modern: Residential Landscapes

Hudson modern surveys this emerging domestic architecture, and materials, featuring nearly twenty houses that integrate with site and region through composition, scale, and which strike a balance between innovation and rootedness. Kierantimberlake revises the classic vision of a glass box by cladding a home on a rocky site in Pound Ridge in a tapestry of steel, aluminum, copper, and glass.

A reconstructed midcentury house accented in cedar, walnut, and bluestone by Joel Sanders and landscaped by the late Diana Balmori blurs the edge of habitation and nature. Hudson modern showcases stunning new houses in the Hudson River Valley that embrace the dramatic settings and cultural bounty of this popular region.

As the birthplace of american landscape painting, the Hudson River Valley has long been a refuge from the city and a laboratory for new aesthetic expression. Author david sokol presents these and numerous other examples of design-forward residences that are responsive to terrain, building vernacular, and cultural legacy.

. In rhinebeck, steven Holl experiments with a radical form that has both ecological and social dimensions. Together, the new hudson Valley houses point a way forward for rural living in the twenty-first century. Designing residences that revere local climate, and history in a distinctly modernist language, landscape, these talents are sowing a new Hudson River school of architectural thought.

Today, thanks to its ascendant reputation as a weekend utopia, architects are extending that tradition into the built environment.

Architects' Houses 30 inventive and imaginative homes architects designed and live in

Inventive and imaginative homes in 17 different countries. This generously illustrated book brims with ideas and inspiration as these architects' houses show different answers to the question: how can a house enrich lives and its natural surroundings? Spacious or frugal, the inspiring buildings in Architects' Houses are unique in design concepts, daring or reductive, refined or rough-edged, ambitious or modest, and materials, details, and how they interact with their landscape.

What does an architect's dream house look like? Explore the homes of thirty of the world's most talented architects. Explore the creative process and influence of architects' houses over the past two hundred years. A treasure trove of ideas for homeowners, practitioners, and interior designers. Architects' houses is richly illustrated with photographs, sketches, and plans.

Learn how established architects design their own homes' design. From jefferson's monticello to the creations of Charles and Ray Eames, Toyo Ito to Frank Gehry.

Retreat: The Modern House in Nature

Rizzoli. The most forward-looking spaces designed for rustic living in the twenty-first century. The collection spans the globe, from the Pacific Northwest to the forests of Japan. Still others place discreet structures on remote, almost-unbuildable locations. This unique volume profiles new and recent projects that illustrate the inexhaustible potential of the modern house to enter into a dialogue with nature in sustainable yet stylish ways.

Some combine industrial materials like metal and concrete with traditional wood. Others create sophisticated essays in off-grid living, employing the most technologically ambitious green-living strategies. Across the globe, architects are creating innovative houses for country living, reimagining the way we escape into the natural world.

. Today’s architectural vanguard is represented, including Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, as well as established architects working at the forefront of twenty-first-century design, Olson Kundig, Rick Joy, and Marcio Kogan. These rustic retreats—with comfortable and appealing modern interiors—will resonate with readers of shelter magazines, while the cutting-edge reputations of their architects will interest professionals and students.


Jim Olson: Building, Nature, Art

A lavish monograph celebrating one of the most respected and admired American architects, known for his sensitivity to the nature and traditions of the Pacific NorthwestSeattle-based architect Jim Olson blends straight, clean architectural lines and curving natural scenery with such ease that one forgets they weren’t always in harmony.

. The accompanying text includes an introduction by architecture critic Aaron Betsky as well as Olson’s own reflections on the medium. 400 illustrations Rizzoli. Over the course of a career spanning nearly fifty years, evident in projects that suit and enhance their locations in Mexico, Southeast Asia, in collaboration with his partner Tom Kundig, Olson has established a reputation for thoughtfully considered buildings, and the Pacific Northwest.

This up-to-date survey of olson’s work, focusing chiefly on his buildings for art-collecting private clients and large-scale resorts, sketches, offers a stunning look―by way of plans, and photographs―at the career of a great American architect.

Texas Made/Texas Modern: The House and the Land

Williams was the first to combine modernism with texas regionalism in the 1930s, and his legacy was sustained by his protégé O'Neil Ford, who practiced in San Antonio from the late 1930s until his death in the mid 1970s. Rizzoli. A compelling survey of texas houses that draw both on the heritage of pioneer ranches and on the twentieth-century design principles of modernism.

Helen thompson and casey dunn, the writer/photographer team that produced the exceptionally successful Marfa Modern, join forces again to investigate Texas modernism. The juxtaposition of the sleek European forms with a gritty Texas spirit generated a unique brand of modernism that is very basic to the culture of the state today.

Their approach is seen today in the work of Lake/Flato Architects and a new generation of designers who have emerged from that distinguished firm and continue to elegantly merge modernism with the vocabulary of the Texas ranching heritage. Twenty houses are included from across the state, with examples in major urban centers like Dallas and Austin and in suburban and rural areas, including a number in the evocative Hill Country.

Its roots are in the early Texas pioneer houses, whose long, low profiles express an efficiency that is basic to the modern idiom. This texas-centric style is focused on the relationship of the house to the site, the materials it is made of--most often local stone and wood--and the way the building functions in the harsh Texas climate.

Dallas architect David R.

Ehrlich Yanai Outside-In: New California Modernism

A survey of houses designed by steven ehrlich and Takashi Yanai of EYRC Architects, an award-winning firm whose modernist approach is infused with deep engagement with the vernacular. Recipient of the 2015 firm award from the American Institute of Architects, EYRC Architects is internationally recognized for elegant design in a modernist spirit.

These designs are characterized by the fusion of powerful, with the cultural, climatic, simple forms, and contextual particulars of place. Accompanying the drawings and luxurious color photography are sketches and source material that reveal the genesis of the design as well as the completed project. Sixteen houses are presented in the book, the majority in Southern California and others near San Francisco and Houston.

Residential designs are at the heart of the practice, which now encompasses commercial and institutional projects. Through details and materials, we maximize the home owner's connection with the site and natural surroundings. Rizzoli. As ehrlich says, "blurring the boundaries between the built and natural environment, our designs merge California modernism with vernacular design elements.


California Contemporary: The Houses of Grant C. Kirkpatrick and KAA Design

Rizzoli. Two dozen magnificent custom homes, views, are built of sensuous materials and sited to make the most of nature, modern in style, and sunlight. Kirkpatrick offers his reflections on these beautiful projectsand the design strategies behind their creation. The stunning houses of grant kirkpatrick and his firm, KAA Design, exemplify why so many of us look to Southern California as the pinnacle of sophisticated modern living.

This collection of visionary residences, matt damon, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, represents the California Dream, by an architect chosen by celebrities including TomHanks and Rita Wilson, shown in gorgeous photographs and colorful drawings, for their personal retreats.

Tom Kundig: Works

Kundig's award-winning houses, hinges, and appear alongside his commercial work—from multistory complexes to the Tacoma Art Museum to a line of hardware handles, door pulls, are showcased in lush photography with drawings and sketches, known for their rugged yet elegant and welcoming style, and more.

. In firsthand accounts, kundig describes the projects and his design process with many personal anecdotes, making Tom Kundig: Works as much memoir as monograph. The book also includes an introduction by design editor Pilar Viladas and in-depth conversations with Kundig's frequent collaborators—"gizmologist" Phil Turner and contractor Jim Dow Schuchart/ Dow—and clients Bigwood Residence and Studhorse.

Rizzoli. Princeton Architectural Press. In tom kundig: works, the celebrated Seattle-based architect presents nineteen new projects, from Hawaii to New York City.

Cutler Anderson Architects: The Houses

From place to program, from materials to shape, all components need to be understood and designed into a harmonious whole that reveals each component's nature. This single-minded attitude has led to successful and award winning projects on three continents. Our ultimate goal on every project is to produce projects that are not only beautiful but also emotionally enlightening.

Since its founding in 1977, cutler anderson Architects has evolved to understand that the ultimate objective of any architectural design is to reveal what is true about all of the circumstances of a project. The firms staff of fourteen is currently engaged in both residential and commercial projects throughout ten states, plus Poland and the Czech Republic.

Rizzoli. This genuinely rigorous task has been both the focus and the intellectual stimulant of our practice and, it is hoped, will continue to be our passion in the future. Princeton Architectural Press.

The New Old House: Historic & Modern Architecture Combined

Rizzoli. Abrams. These projects address such timely factors as sustainability, multiculturalism, preservation, and style, and demonstrate the unique beauty and elegance that comes from the interweaving of modernity and history. Projects and firms featured include greenwich house, acme; cotswolds House, Allan Greenberg; Longbranch, Jim Olson; Astley Castle, Witherford Watson Mann; Hunsett Mill, Richard Found; plus more than a dozen others.

Princeton Architectural Press. The new old house presents 18 private historic homes, from North America to Europe, and traces the ingenious ways architects have revitalized and refreshed them for a new generation. Most of the renovations occurred in the last decade, but all of the homes have origins reaching back into the past, in some cases hundreds of years.


Studio Joy Works

Rick joy's reputation as one of the country's most gifted designers, even poetic buildings, whose mining of materials and site create transcendent, was established in his first book, Desert Works. Abrams. The projects in this book are further contextualized with an essay by Joy and spectacular photographs.

Rizzoli. Princeton Architectural Press. This follow-up, studio joy works, a train station in princeton, new jersey, his first public project, marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of his firm's founding and continues the careful documentation of the growing body of his important work, including houses in Vermont and California, and residences abroad in Mexico and Turks and Caicos.