Murphy’s War

Paramount - Murphy’s war tells the story of the sole survivor of a World War II German U-boat attack that leaves him enraged and consumed with revenge.

Lord Jim

Mill Creek Entertainment - Aided by an outstanding supporting cast, Brooks and his stars faithfully captured all the action, which includes Curt Jurgens and Eli Wallach, drama and depth of Conrad's unforgettable adventure. High adventure that reaches across the world! richard brooks, james Mason, one of America's most influential and successful directors, teamed up with Peter O'Toole, and Jack Hawkins for this ambitious adaptation of Joseph Conrad's high-seas adventure, Lord Jim.

Better known for the contemporary realism of such seminal hits as The Blackboard Jungle, Elmer Gantry and In Cold Blood, Brooks was eager to tackle Lord Jim's epic themes. Goodbar Factory sealed DVD. Starring: peter o toole, james mason, eli wallach, Jack HawkinsDirected by Richard Brooks Cat on a Tin Roof, Looking for Mr.

Lord Jim - The casting of peter o'toole, a top box-office star, paved the way for the high-budget production to begin. The story of an idealistic merchant Marine officer who disgraces himself when he abandons his ship, Conrad's classic tale of cowardice and redemption was a stark departure for Brooks.

The African Queen

Paramount - Dvd factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped.

My Favorite Year 1982

Warner Archive Collection B01ESNHRP0 - Academy award recipient* Peter O’Toole plays Swann. Once a swashbuckling movie idol whose face was plastered on fan magazines, Swann is now mostly plastered. Factory sealed DVD. And it falls to cavalcade’s rookie writer Mark Linn-Baker to keep him on the sober and narrow. King kaiser’s Comedy Cavalcade goes on in minutes.

I’m not an actor. He just found out the show is live!directed by richard benjamin and inspired by incidents from comedy legend Mel Brooks’ early career, a zany, My Favorite Year is a Golden Age revisited, misty-eyed tribute to TV’s early days. Amazon. Com's standard return policy will apply. I’m a movie star!” he bellows in stark fear.

My Favorite Year 1982 - Fast. Shrink-wrapped. But guest star Alan Swann is exiting the building. Don’t touch that dial. When sold by Amazon. Com, this product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.

The Train

Kino Lorber 33732065 - Special features: audio commentary by Director John Frankenheimer, Original Theatrical Trailer Factory sealed DVD. Top-notch direction by the great john frankenheimer The Manchurian Candidate and a wonderful supporting cast that include screen icon, Jeanne Moreau Viva Maria in the role of Christine. Paris august 1944… with the allied army closing in on german commander and art fanatic Colonel Von Waldheim Paul Scofield, A Man For All Seasons, he decides to steal a vast collection of rare French paintings and loads them onto a train bound for Berlin.

Shrink-wrapped. But when a beloved french patriot is murdered while trying to sabotage Von Waldheim's scheme, Run Deep, Run Silent, a stalwart member of the Resistance, Labiche Burt Lancaster, vows to stop the train at any cost. Shrink-wrapped. Calling upon his vast arsenal of skills, shattered tracks and head-on collisions - in an impassioned, suspense-filled quest for justice, Labiche unleashes a torrent of devastation and destruction - loosened rails, retribution and revenge.

4 Film Favorites: John Wayne Collection Back to Bataan / Flying Leathernecks / Operation Pacific / They Were Expendable

WarnerBrothers WHV1000026140DVD - Pacific submarines, was technical advisor for this adventure packing real you-are-there thrills! Flying Leathernecks It's World War II. Major dan kirby John Wayne is hard on his marines. Gifford is in the thick of it. Ford filmed the Academy Award?-winning* documentary Battle of Midway. I'm a line officer, " Gifford barks.

But even in defeat there is victory. And wayne creates a portrait of patriotic resolve as only he can. Joseph madden John Wayne of the U. S. And wayne creates a portrait of patriotic resolve as only he can. He evacuates children from enemy-held islands. He backs it up with lots of bite in several feverish sea battles.

4 Film Favorites: John Wayne Collection Back to Bataan / Flying Leathernecks / Operation Pacific / They Were Expendable - Director john ford's World War II tale knows its battle-scarred topic firsthand. Oversees the development of torpedoes at Pearl Harbor. Montgomery was himself a Pacific PT-boat commander and a valorous Bronze Star recipient. Charles lockwood, World War II commander of all U. S. Army stays on to organize guerrilla fighters against the conquerors.

War, 10-Movie Collection: The Eagle and The Hawk / The Last Outpost / Bengal Brigad / Jet Pilot / Ulzana's Raid / To Hell and Back / In Enemy Country / Raid on Rommel / Battle Hymn / Wake IslandPackaging may vary

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment - Bengal brigade: set during british india in 1857, Captain Claybourne Rock Hudson is faced with restoring his reputation after being harshly disciplined for disobeying orders. Shrink-wrapped. Jet pilot: heroic air force colonel jim shannon John Wayne takes to the skies to save a beautiful Russian lady pilot Janet Leigh accused of being a spy.

Shrink-wrapped. The last outpost: blending action-adventure with romantic melodrama, this rousing saga follows a British prisoner Cary Grant who is rescued from a firing squad by his cellmate Claude Rains. Battle hymn: based on actual events during the Korean War, a remorseful bomber pilot Rock Hudson must come to terms with his past after an unthinkable accident.

War, 10-Movie Collection: The Eagle and The Hawk / The Last Outpost / Bengal Brigad / Jet Pilot / Ulzana's Raid / To Hell and Back / In Enemy Country / Raid on Rommel / Battle Hymn / Wake IslandPackaging may vary - Shrink-wrapped. In enemy country: wartime secret agents are on a mission to destroy a deadly new type of torpedo, hidden in a Nazi stronghold in France. Wake island: based on a true story, this hard-hitting film follows a handful of U. S. Raid on rommel: a british intelligence officer Richard Burton leads a daring attack on the German shore defenses at Tobruk during World War II.

Ulzana's raid: a scout burt lancaster is assigned to aid the cavalry in tracking down Ulzana and his band of renegade Indians in this fact-based story. To hell and back: audie murphy, plays himself in this gripping, the most decorated American soldier of WWII, action-packed battle saga featuring amazingly realistic war footage.


Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Special Edition

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2226357 - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. U. S. Shrink-wrapped. Psychotic air force General unleashes ingenious foolproof and irrevocable scheme sending bombers to attack Russia. President works with Soviet premier in a desperate effort to save the world. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD.

The Dam Busters

LIONSGATE - Amazon. Com's standard return policy will apply. A much-loved british classic, michael anderson's 1954 drama captures the tension and bravery of an audacious raid on the centre of Nazi Germany's industrial complex, and the quintessentially English combination of inventiveness and dogged determination. Shot in black and white to allow the integration of original footage of the bomb trails, the film boasts a 'gritty', documentary-style reality.

When sold by Amazon. Com, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Split into two distinct sections, the film deals first with the fraught, but ultimately successful development of a new weapon by Dr. Shrink-wrapped. Wallis Michael Redgrave. Shrink-wrapped. Adapted by R. C. Barnes N. Shrink-wrapped.

The Dam Busters - Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped.


Mgm (Video & DVD) 2288535 - 1999: supporting actor, the cider house rules; 1986: Supporting Actor, Hannah and Her Sisters Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. A towering cinematic achievement. Furiously beating their swords against their shields, the warriors descend upon a small garrison of English soldiers. Shrink-wrapped.

And "a battle film in the grand tradition of four feathers and gunga din" time! filmed against the exotic locales of africa and starring Stanley Baker The Guns of Navarone, Zulu is a thrilling account of one of history's fiercest battles! As a terrifying war chant echoes across the majestic African plains, Jack Hawkins Lawrence of Arabia and Academy AwardÂr winner* Michael Caine in his first major motion picture role, 4000 Zulu tribesmen rise up from the tall grassthat hides them.

Zulu - Shrink-wrapped. Usuto! usuto! kill! kill!, " they cry as they launch into a battle with the vastly outnumbered English militia who must manifest incredible skill and incomparable bravery just to survive. An astonishing true story. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

The Lost Battalion

Lionsgate 2253083 - Factory sealed DVD. Without food, water or reserve ammunition, and subjected to constant assaults and bombardments, cut off from supply and communication lines, they managed to hold off the enemy until they were finally rescued after five days of desperate action. Shrink-wrapped. Or die. Army's 77th division, 308th Battalion were surrounded by German troops in the Argonne Forest.

The germans gave them two options. October 5, 1918. Surrender. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. This a&e original Movie brings their harrowing ordeal to life. Shrink-wrapped. They choseia third. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. It began on october 2nd, 1918, when the men of the U. S. Directed by russell mulcahy ricochet, the lost battalion stars rick schroeder NYPD Blue, Crimson Tide as Major Charles Whittlesey, Highlander, the civilian-turned soldier who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for keeping his outnumbered troops alive and fighting in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.