Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember: The Stroke That Changed My Life

Ecco #ad - By new year’s day, she was unable to form a coherent sentence. And as she recovers, in a way, she begins to realize that this unexpected and devastating event has provided a catalyst for coming to terms with her true self—and, has allowed her to become the person she’s always wanted to be. By that afternoon, she saw the world—quite literally—upside down.

A memoir of reinvention after a stroke at age thirty-three. Christine hyung-oak lee woke up with a headache on the morning of December 31, 2006. And after hours in the er, and multiple questions and tests, days in the hospital, her doctors informed her that she had had a stroke. For months afterward, lee outsourced her memories to a journal, taking diligent notes to compensate for the thoughts she could no longer hold on to.

Tell Me Everything You Don't Remember: The Stroke That Changed My Life #ad - . It is from these notes that she has constructed this frank and compelling memoir. In a precise and captivating narrative, in painstaking, and unflinching detail, weaving her childhood humiliations and joys together with the story of the early days of her marriage; and then later, Lee navigates fearlessly between chronologies, painful, the account of her stroke and every upset—temporary or permanent—that it caused.

Lee illuminates the connection between memory and identity in an honest, and truly funny manner, meditative, utterly devoid of self-pity.


My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward: A Memoir

Harper Wave #ad - Eventually, giulia fully recovered, and the couple had a son. A story of the fragility of the mind, above all, lukach’s is an intensely personal odyssey through the harrowing years of his wife’s mental illness, and the tenacity of the human spirit, and written with dazzling lyricism, a love story that raises profound questions: How do we care for the people we love? What and who do we live for? Breathtaking in its candor, radiant with compassion, My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward is, anchored by an abiding devotion to family that will affirm readers’ faith in the power of love.

. Pushed to the edge of the abyss, everything the couple had once taken for granted was upended. International bestsellera heart-wrenching, yet hopeful, memoir of a young marriage that is redefined by mental illness and affirms the power of love. Mark and giulia’s life together began as a storybook romance.

My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward: A Memoir #ad - One day she was vibrant and well-adjusted; the next she was delusional and suicidal, convinced that her loved ones were not safe. But, soon after jonas was born, Giulia had another breakdown, and then a third a few years after that. When giulia was twenty-seven, she suffered a terrifying and unexpected psychotic break that landed her in the psych ward for nearly a month.

They fell in love at eighteen, married at twenty-four, and were living their dream life in San Francisco.


I Am Forbidden: A Novel

Hogarth #ad - Josef helps mila reach zalman stern, a leader in the Satmar community, in whose home Mila is raised as a sister to Zalman's daughter, Atara. With the rise of communism in central europe, to the Marais, the family moves to Paris, where Zalman tries to raise his children apart from the city in which they live.

Mila's faith intensifies, while her beloved sister Atara discovers a world of books and learning that she cannot ignore. A beautifully crafted, unyielding law, and centuries of tradition collide, emotionally gripping story of what happens when unwavering love,  I Am Forbidden announces the arrival of an extraordinarily gifted new voice and opens a startling window on a world closed to most of us.

I Am Forbidden: A Novel #ad - A family is torn apart by fierce belief and private longing in this unprecedented journey deep inside the most insular sect of Hasidic Jews, the Satmar. Opening in 1939 transylvania, five-year-old Josef witnesses the murder of his family by the Romanian Iron Guard and is rescued by a Christian maid to be raised as her own son.

Five years later, mila, josef rescues a young girl, after her parents are killed while running to meet the Rebbe they hoped would save them.


The Family Gene: A Mission to Turn My Deadly Inheritance into a Hopeful Future

Ecco #ad - Christine seidman, the head of a group of world-class genetic researchers at Harvard Medical School, for help. Setting out to build a more complete picture of the illness that haunted her family, Joselin approached Dr. Here, joselin tells the story of their gene: the lives it claimed and the future of genomic medicine with the potential to save those that remain.

Digging into family records and medical history, conducting interviews with relatives and friends, and reflecting on her own experiences with the Harvard doctor, history, Joselin pieces together the lineage of this deadly gene to write a gripping and unforgettable exploration of family, and love. Clearly, this was more than a fluke.

The Family Gene: A Mission to Turn My Deadly Inheritance into a Hopeful Future #ad - After years of misdiagnoses, doctors discovered a deadly blockage in her liver. Dr. Struggling to find  an explanation for her unusual condition, Joselin compared the medical chart of her father—who had died from a mysterious disease, ten years prior—with that of an uncle who had died under similarly strange circumstances.

Seidman had been working on her family’s case for twenty years and had finally confirmed that fourteen of Joselin’s relatives carried something called a private mutation—meaning that they were the first known people to experience the baffling symptoms of a brand new genetic mutation. A compelling chronicle of survival and perseverance, her own mortality, The Family Gene is an important story of a young woman reckoning with her father’s death, and her ethical obligations to herself and those closest to her.

Delving further into the past, she discovered that her great-grandmother had displayed symptoms similar to hers before her death.


Go Find: My Journey to Find the Lost-and Myself

Blackstone Publishing #ad - Somewhere between hunting for gold in Latin America as a geologist and getting married to a new husband, thirty-three-year-old Susan Purvis loses her way. Susan comes to believe that a puppy and working on ski patrol at the last great ski town in Colorado will improve her life. When she learns about avalanches that bury people without warning, she challenges herself: “What if I teach a dog to save lives?” This quest propels her to train the best possible search dog, vowing to never leave anyone behind.

With no clue how to care for a houseplant, let alone a dog, she chooses a five-week-old Labrador retriever, Tasha. People can get lost in a relationship, a business, or a life. They won’t get paid even a bag of kibble for their efforts, yet they launch dozens of missions to rescue the missing or recover the remains of victims of nature and crime.

Go Find: My Journey to Find the Lost-and Myself #ad - Training with tasha in the field to find, recover, and rescue the lost became Susan’s passion. Susan eventually learns to truly communicate with Tasha by seeing the world through her dog’s nose. As the first female team in a male-dominated search-and-rescue community, they face resistance at every turn.

But it was also her circumstance—she was in many ways as lost as anyone she ever pulled out of an avalanche or found huddled in the woods. With the face of a baby bear and the temperament of an NFL linebacker, Tasha constantly tests Susan’s determination to transform her into a rescue dog. Susan was convinced that only happened to other people, until Tasha and a life in the mountains taught her otherwise.


Lost in the Reflecting Pool: A Memoir

She Writes Press #ad - As time goes on, however, Charles becomes increasingly critical and controlling, and Diane begins to feel barraged and battered. Award-winning memoir 2017 readers’ favoritewhen Diane, a charming and brilliant psychiatrist, a psychologist, falls in love with Charles, there is laughter and flowers—and also darkness.

A memoir and a psychological love story that is at times tender and at times horrifying, Lost in the Reflecting Pool is a chronicle of one woman's struggle to survive within—and ultimately break free of—a relationship with a man incapable of caring about anyone beyond himself. When she is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, anger, Charles is initially there for her, but his attentiveness quickly vanishes and is replaced by withdrawal, and unfathomable sadism.

Lost in the Reflecting Pool: A Memoir #ad - What diane previously thought were just Charles' controlling ways are replaced by clear pathologic narcissism and emotional abuse that turns venomous at the very hour of her greatest need. After moving through infertility treatments and the trials of the adoption process as a united front, the couple is ultimately successful in creating a family.


Cabin Lessons: A Nail-by-Nail Tale: Building Our Dream Cottage from 2x4s, Blisters, and Love

Storey Publishing #ad - A carpenter’s humorous story of building a cabin on Lake Superior with his family—“part how-to, part memoir and part love story” Minneapolis Star-Tribune. When carpenter spike carlsen and his wife set out, to build a cabin on the north shore of Lake Superior, parenting, they quickly realize that painting, with their recently blended family of five kids, and putting up drywall all come with both frustrations and unexpected rewards.

Cabin Lessons: A Nail-by-Nail Tale: Building Our Dream Cottage from 2x4s, Blisters, and Love #ad - Blending practical information with lively personal memoir, Cabin Lessons tells the wryly funny, heartwarming story of their eventful journey—from buying an unforgiving plot of land on an eroding cliff to finally enjoying the lakeside hideaway of their dreams. Spike carlsen’s book .  .  . Chronicles the family’s route from a scenic dream with a modest budget to designing and building, to filling the space with family, to a rejected blank-check purchase offer from a slickster driving an Italian-made car.

And it’s all told in the voice of someone you want to see sitting on the other side of the campfire, sharing a blanket with his wife, dispensing charming tales and life lessons. Duluth news Tribune Minnesota  .


I, Who Did Not Die

Regan Arts. #ad - 80, 000 iranian child soldiers were killed, mostly between the ages of sixteen and seventeen. The numbers involved are staggering: —all told, and 500, it claimed 700, 000 lives—200, 000 Iraqis, 000 Iranians. An eloquent and haunting act of witness to horrors beyond grimmest fiction, and a thing of towering beauty.

More rarely still does such searingly brilliant literature—fit to stand beside Remarque, Hemingway, and O’Brien—emerge from behind “enemy” lines. A love story. Rarely does this kind of reportage succeed so power- fully as literature. It’s a war story. Young men of military service age—eighteen and above in Iraq, fifteen and above in Iran—died in the greatest numbers.

I, Who Did Not Die #ad - . Written with award-winning journalist Meredith May, this is literature of a very high order, set down with passion, urgency, and consummate skill. Instead, the boy committed an astonishing act of mercy. But zahed, but masterful, a young restaurateur, and Najah, are rare men—not just survivors, a child, wondrously gifted storytellers.

A page-turner of vast moral dimensions. Khorramshahr, iran, a twenty-nine-year-old wounded iraqi conscript, May 1982—It was the bloodiest battle of one of the most brutal wars of the twentieth century, and Najah, was face to face with a thirteen-year-old Iranian child soldier who was ordered to kill him.

The two countries spent a combined 1.


Switched On: A Memoir of Brain Change and Emotional Awakening

Spiegel & Grau #ad - . However, this newfound insight brings unforeseen problems and serious questions. But what if we’ve been wrong all this time? what if that “missing” emotional insight was there all along, locked away and inaccessible in the mind? In 2007 John Elder Robison wrote the international bestseller Look Me in the Eye, a memoir about growing up with Asperger’s syndrome.

. Having spent forty years as a social outcast, misreading others’ emotions or missing them completely, John is suddenly able to sense a powerful range of feelings in other people. Praise for switched On“An eye-opening book with a radical message. Amid the blaze of publicity that followed, he received a unique invitation: would john like to take part in a study led by one of the world’s foremost neuroscientists, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, who would use an experimental new brain therapy known as TMS, in an effort to understand and then address the issues at the heart of autism? Switched On is the extraordinary story of what happened next.

Switched On: A Memoir of Brain Change and Emotional Awakening #ad - . Then imagine that someone suddenly switches the lights on. It has long been assumed that people living with autism are born with the diminished ability to read the emotions of others, even as they feel emotion deeply. An extraordinary memoir about the cutting-edge brain therapy that dramatically changed the life and mind of john elder robison, the New York Times bestselling author of Look Me in the EyeNAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE WASHINGTON POST Imagine spending the first forty years of your life in darkness, blind to the emotions and social signals of other people.

. Reads like a medical thriller and keeps you wondering what will happen next.


A Cat Named Darwin: Embracing the Bond Between Man and Pet

Mariner Books #ad - In this recollection of the relationship, communication, he meditates on the nature of humans and animals, and the scientific truths about solitude, and companionship.    . A scientist contemplates his bond with a sick stray cat in this “gripping and powerful” memoir The San Diego Union-Tribune. Bill jordan’s life changed forever the day a stray cat nesting under his bougainvillea bit him on the hand.

A Cat Named Darwin: Embracing the Bond Between Man and Pet #ad - Trained in biology, jordan had no particular love for animals and felt vaguely contemptuous of those who did—until the cat, strange cultures, led him on a journey to exotic lands, beckoning with a wink and a yawn, and fascinating discoveries. As their bond deepened and the cat’s health began to fail, Jordan was forced into a commitment more devoted and sincere than any he had known before.

Puzzling through his own feelings, jordan came to some remarkable conclusions: that those we love live in the synapses and molecules of memory, and that as long as we exist, they exist as part of our brain.


Journey Interrupted: A Family Without a Country in a World at War

Regan Arts. #ad - Richly detailed and remarkably vivid, Journey Interrupted is a story unlike any other—the inspiring tale of an extraordinary family adapting to the hazards of fate, and finding salvation in each other. In the midst of world war ii, a german-american family finds themselves stranded in Japan in this inspiring tale of an extraordinary family adapting to the hazards of fate, and finding salvation in each other.

It was meant to be an epic journey, crossing the united states, and siberia—but when Hitler invades Russia, a week-long stay in Yokohama, Japan becomes six years of quasi-detention, the Pacific, as Hildegarde and her family are stranded in Japan until the war’s end. In the spring of 1941, seven-year-old hildegarde ercklentz and her family leave their home in New York City and set off for their native Germany, where her father has been recalled to the headquarters of the Commerz & Privat Bank in Berlin.

Journey Interrupted: A Family Without a Country in a World at War #ad - In this spellbinding memoir, mahoney recounts her family’s moving saga, brutal winters in the Japanese Alps—to their joyous reunion with their German relatives in Hamburg, from their courage in the face of terrible difficulties—including forced relocation, scarce rations, and their eventual return to New York City in 1950.