The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide: A Business And Legal Sourcebook 2nd Edition

Schirmer Trade Books - This all-new second edition has been completed updated. In this comprehensive guidebook, acquiring music, three experienced entertainment lawyers tell you everything you need to know to produce and market an independent film—from the development process to deal making, distribution, securing location rights, calculating profits, financing, digital moving making, setting up the production, hiring directors and actors, and marketing your movie.

Producer to Producer: A Step-by-Step Guide to Low-Budget Independent Film Producing

Michael Wiese Productions - This is a comprehensive bible to low-budget film producing for emerging and professional producers. Ryan is co-producer of james marsh’s Man on Wire, winner of the 2009 Academy Award for Best Documentary Michael wiese. Invaluable checklists ― which begin 12 weeks before shooting and continue through principal and secondary photography and postproduction ― keep the filmmaker on track and on target.

Structured to guide the reader through production meetings, every aspect of the film-production pro-cess is outlined in detail.

The Complete Film Production Handbook, Fourth Edition American Film Market Presents

Focal Press - Even if you know what you're doing, you will be thrilled to find everything you need in one place. If you're a line producer, contracts, assistant director or production coordinator--the book has everything you'll need including all the forms, production supervisor, production manager, releases and checklists to set up and run a production--from finding a production office to turning over delivery elements.

This book is for working film/TV professionals and students alike. If you choose to pursue this career path, you'll be prepared, you'll know what to expect, and you'll be ten steps ahead of everyone else just starting out. New topics and information in the fourth edition include:* low-budget independent films, budgeting, digital production, deal memos, including documentaries and shorts* Information specific to television production and commercials* The industry's commitment to go green and how to do it* Coverage of new travel and shipping regulations* Updated information on scheduling, money, and hassles* Hundreds of forms, music clearances, and new forms throughout* This guide to production management is on every producer's shelf and will save you time, communications, contracts, and checklists available to print and use on your production* New edition is fully updated with information about low-budget productions and much more! Michael wiese.

The Complete Film Production Handbook, Fourth Edition American Film Market Presents - If you're not already working in film production, but think you'd like to be, read the book -- and then decide. Focal Press.

Clearance & Copyright, 4th Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Film and Television

Silman-James Press - He has been called the obi-Wan Kenobi of Fair Use by the American Bar Association Journal. Lisa A. Clearance and copyright is the industry-standard guide to almost every conceivable rights issue that filmmakers, videomakers, television producers, and Internet content creators might encounter. From the initial acquisition of material through the rights issues that arise during preproduction, postproduction, updated, and release, production, this legalese-free guide--now extensively revised, and expanded--will help you protect yourself and your work from disastrous legal actions.

Among this edition's new features are links to 25 downloadable contracts and 50 illustrative film clips. Michael C. Focal Press. Silman-James Press. Her primary focus is on representing independent filmmakers. Callif was named by the daily journal as one of the Top 100 Women Lawyers in California 2014. Donaldson is a los angeles-based, entertainment lawyer with more than 45 years of experience in copyright and entertainment issues.

Clearance & Copyright, 4th Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Film and Television - Michael wiese.

The Independent Filmmaker's Law and Business Guide: Financing, Shooting, and Distributing Independent and Digital Films

Chicago Review Press - Focal Press. Today’s explosion of independent and digital filmmaking demands a brass-tacks guide to the business and legal aspects of the process. Michael wiese. Silman-James Press. What fundraising options are available to a filmmaker? when should a filmmaker establish a corporation or limited liability company? How do screenwriters protect their work? What are a director’s legal obligations to the producer, and crew--and what are their obligations in return? And why must the filmmaker pay special attention to products and artwork that might appear in the background of a shot? This indispensable resource addresses the legal, cast, and organizational questions that an independent or guerrilla filmmaker must face, financial, and the problems that will doom a project if left unanswered.

It demystifies issues such as founding a film company, obtaining financing, shooting, granting screen credits, securing locations, exhibiting, preparing a budget, and distributing, and marketing a film. Newly updated and expanded, this second edition explores concepts such as executing a digital distribution strategy through the use of YouTube and “webisodes, ” the importance of international distribution, and legal issues particular to documentaries.

The Independent Filmmaker's Law and Business Guide: Financing, Shooting, and Distributing Independent and Digital Films - Six handy appendixes provide sample contracts, copyright circulars, Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use, studio contact information, and more.

Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents American Film Market Presents

Routledge - Focal Press. In this new and updated ultimate filmmaker’s guide, louise levison gives you easy-to-use steps for writing an investor-winning business plan for a feature film, including: A comprehensive explanations for each of the eight sections of a plan Full financial section with text and tables A sample business plan A companion website with additional information for various chapters and detailed financial instructions ― advanced math not needed An explanation on how feature documentary, animated and large-format films differ A guide to pitching to investors: who they are, what they want and what to tell them Words of advice: Filmmakers share their experiences raising money from equity investors Michael wiese.

Silman-James Press. Focal Press.

So You Want to Be a Producer

Three Rivers Press - Including a comprehensive case study of turman’s film The Graduate, this complete guide to the movie industry’s most influential movers and shakers brims with useful tips and contains all the information you need to take your project from idea to the big screen. Focal Press. Few jobs in hollywood are as shrouded in mystery as the role of the producer.

What does it take to be a producer, including the graduate, and endowed chair of the famed peter stark producing Program at the University of Southern California, and American History X, and what on earth does one actually do? In So You Want to Be a Producer Lawrence Turman, how does one get started, Short Circuit, The River Wild, the producer of more than forty films, answers these questions and many more.

So You Want to Be a Producer - Examining all the nuts and bolts of production, and marketing your project, hiring actors, finding a story and developing a script, So You Want to Be a Producer is a must-have resource packed with insider information and first-hand advice from top Hollywood producers, such as raising money and securing permissions, writers, choosing a director, and directors, offering invaluable help for beginners and professionals alike.

Michael wiese. Focal Press. Silman-James Press.

What Just Happened?: Bitter Hollywood Tales from the Front Line

Grove Press - As a hollywood film producer, art linson has had a hand in producing some of the most unforgettable films of the last half century--Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Untouchables, Fight Club--and has worked with some of America’s finest actors and directors. Dubbed by the los angeles times “a breezy anatomy of ritual humiliation, funny, ” Art Linson’s Hollywood memoir What Just Happened? gives us a brutally honest, and comprehensive tour through the horrors of Hollywood.

. Michael wiese. Focal Press. Silman-James Press. Focal Press. Used book in Good Condition. To be released in 2008 as a feature film starring robert de niro and featuring appearances from Bruce Willis, and John Turturro, Sean Penn, among others, Grove Press’s reissue of Linson’s hysterical memoir will include a new foreword, the film’s script, and several black-and-white shots from the film.

The Producer's Business Handbook: The Roadmap for the Balanced Film Producer American Film Market Presents

Focal Press - You get a thorough orientation to operating production development and single-purpose production companies. Focal Press. It includes new, simplified project evaluation tools, expediting funding and distribution. Together with its companion website www. Focalpress. Com/cw/leejr-9780240814636/--which contains valuable forms and spreadsheets, tutorials, and samples-this handbook presents both instruction and worksheet support to independent producers at all levels of experience.

Focal Press. For those outside the US, also included is information on how to produce successful films without government funding. This edition has been updated to include comprehensive information on the internal greenlighting process, government financing, and determining actual cost-of-money. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business of entertainment and learn to successfully engage in all related aspects of global production and exploitation with this revised and updated handbook.

The Producer's Business Handbook: The Roadmap for the Balanced Film Producer American Film Market Presents - With the producer's business handbook as a guide, talent, completion guarantors, you'll learn to create the relationships that the most successful producers have with the various participants in the motion picture industry-this guide provides a global view of how producers direct their relationships with domestic and foreign studios, agencies, banks, attorneys, and private investors.

Used book in Good Condition. Silman-James Press. Focal Press.

The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers: A Legal Toolkit for Independent Producers

Routledge - Focal Press. How can you use a state's film tax credits to fund your film? SEE PAGE 63. You have an idea you want to pitch to a production company; how do you safeguard your concept? SEE PAGE 77. How can you fund your production with product placement? SEE PAGE 157. This book is the next best thing to having an entertainment attorney on retainer! Michael wiese.

This no-nonsense reference provides fast answers in plain English-no law degree required! Arm yourself with the practical advice of author Thomas Crowell, a TV-producer-turned-entertainment-lawyer. How do you get a script to popular Hollywood actors and deal with their agents? SEE PAGE 222. Find quick answers to these and hundreds of other questions in this new edition of The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers.

The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers: A Legal Toolkit for Independent Producers - Focal Press. Used book in Good Condition. This new edition features: * new sections on product placement, Letters of Intent, Download-to-own, film tax credits and production incentive financing, and DIY distribution four-walling, YouTube, Amazon. Com, itunes, and netflix * updated case law * Even more charts and graphics to help you find the information you need even more quickly.

Focal Press. Silman-James Press.

The Filmmaker's Handbook, 2013 Edition

Plume - Used book in Good Condition. Focal Press. Focal Press. Silman-James Press. The fourth edition of the authoritative guide to producing, shooting, editing, directing, and distributing your video or film. Widely acknowledged as the “bible” of video and film production, and used in courses around the world, The Filmmaker’s Handbook is now updated with the latest advances in HD and new digital formats.

. Plume Books. For students and teachers, professionals and novices, this indispensable handbook covers all aspects of movie making. Techniques for making dramatic features, broadcast, sound recording, and mixing•  the business aspects of funding and producing your project•  Getting your movie shown in theaters, and experimental videos and films•  Shooting with DSLRs, corporate, film, on TV, lighting, documentaries, video, and digital cinema cameras•  Digital editing with the latest video editing systems•  In-depth coverage of lenses, and on the Web Michael wiese.

The Filmmaker's Handbook, 2013 Edition - Focal Press. Focal Press.