The Mediation of Christ

Helmers & Howard Publishers - Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Condition: New. In "the mediation of Christ, " Thomas F. Tracking provided on most orders. Isbn13: 9780939443505. This important 2nd edition adds a foreword addressing the reality of unconditional grace in relation to "the integrity of the response we are called to make in repentance for sin and in acceptance of Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.

Also added to this edition is a new final chapter, which further addresses the centrality of the Trinity in the atonement. Torrance professor emeritus of christian dogmatics at the university of Edinburgh sets forth a devotional theology of the atoning work of Christ in: the mediation of revelation, the mediation of reconciliation, the person of the mediator, the mediation of Christ in our human response, and the atonement and the Holy Trinity.

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Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace

IVP Academic - Here is a book that sets our worship, sacraments, communion and language of God back on track. This book explodes the notion that the doctrine of the Trinity may be indispensable for the creed but remote from life and worship. Worship is the gift of participating through the Spirit in the incarnate Son's communion with the Father, writes Torrance.

Firmly rooted in scripture and theology, alive with pastoral counsel and anecdote, Torrance's work shows us just why real trinitarian theology is the very fiber of Christian confession. In a day when refinement of method and quality of experience are the guiding lights for many Christians, James Torrance points us to the indispensable who of worship, the triune God of grace.

Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ

IVP Academic - Torrance has been called "the greatest Reformed theologian since Karl Barth" and "the greatest British theologian of the twentieth century" by prominent voices in the academy. This first of two volumes comprises thomas torrance's lectures delivered to students in Christian Dogmatics on Christology at New College, Edinburgh, from 1952 to 1978 and amounts to the most comprehensive presentation of Torrance's understanding of the incarnation ever published.

His work has profoundly shaped contemporary theology in the English-speaking world. The late Thomas F. In eight chapters these expertly edited lectures highlight Torrance's distinctive belief that the object of our theological study—Jesus Christ—actively gives himself to us in order that we may know him.

Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ - They also unpack torrance's well-developed understanding of our union with Christ and how it impacts the Christian life, as well as his reflections on the in-breaking of Christ's kingdom and its intense conflict with and victory over evil. Decidedly readable and filled with some of Torrance's most influential thought, this will be an important volume for scholars, professors and students of Christian theology for decades to come.

Atonement: The Person and Work of Christ

IVP Academic - This companion volume to T. Readers will find this the most readable work of Torrance and, together with Incarnation, the closest to a systematic theology we have from this eminent theologian. F. Torrance's incarnation: the person and life of christ presents the material on the work of Christ, given originally in his lectures delivered to his students in Christian Dogmatics on Christology at New College, Edinburgh, centered in the atonement, from 1952-1978.

Like the first volume, the original lecture material has been expertly edited by Robert Walker, complete with cross-reference to Torrance's other works.

Women Caught in the Conflict: The Culture War between Traditionalism and Feminism

Wipf & Stock Pub - The aim of this inquiry is a clearing of the conceptual atmosphere. The goal of this book is not to analyze the competing viewpoints, "women's equality" versus traditional family values" in any depth, but simply to step outside the familiar rhetoric in an attempt to obtain a view of the Big Picture.

Basic Christian Doctrine

Westminster John Knox Press - He asserts that we now live in a period of religious revival where Christian faith is persuasive--it is the gospel that heals the bruised consciences and wounded spirits of human beings. Leith draws from the theologians of the ancient church and affirms the faith of ancient creeds: the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Chalcedonian Definition and the Athanasian Creed.

Based on his years of experience as a pastor and seminary professor, John Leith's Basic Christian Doctrine provides a brief but comprehensive statement of Christian faith for contemporary Christians.

The Incarnation of God: The Mystery of the Gospel as the Foundation of Evangelical Theology

Crossway - It’s at the heart of the Christian faith. It’s the central fact of human history. It’s the defining reality of all existence. In the incarnation of god, appreciation for salvation, approach to the christian life, theology professors John Clark and Marcus Johnson explore the doctrine of the incarnation of Christ―an unquestionably foundational yet oddly neglected topic in contemporary evangelical theology―examining its implications for the church’s knowledge and worship of God, and understanding of human sexuality.

. Grounded in scripture and informed by church history, this book will lead readers to reexamine afresh the greatest mystery of the universe: our Lord’s assumption of human flesh.

On the Incarnation: Saint Athanasius Popular Patristics

St Vladimirs Seminary Pr - Composed by st athanasius in the fourth century, it expounds with simplicity the theological vision defended at the councils of Nicaea and Constantinople: that the Son of God himself became "fully human, so that we might become god. Its influence on all christian theology thereafter, East and West, ensures its place as one of the few "must read" books for all who want to know more about the Christian faith.

. By any standard, this is a classic of Christian theology.

Learning about Theology from the Third World

Zondervan - After an introductory chapter on the nature and problems of contextualization, the book gives major overviews of the theology of Africa, Latin America, and Asia. It is dyrness' thesis that if we approach these sometimes unsettling writings as learners rather than teachers, we will find our own perspectives significantly altered.

Learning about theology from the third world is designed to introduce western Christians to discussions about theology going on in the Third World. With the growing awareness of cultural diversity, evangelicals are beginning to realize that "growing up into Christ in all things" Eph. 4:15 is a corporate enterprise.

Issues are presented in such a way as to show that each area of the world has developed a unique approach to theological issues, and that each perspective has something to contribute to the development of theology. The maturity of the whole church demands this kind of inter-change. The assumption is that western thinking about theology has not taken third world perspectives into account, and the day has come for us to bring these brothers and sisters into our conversations about Christianity.

Learning about Theology from the Third World - Due to involvement in mission and international travel, many Westerners are beginning to realize how much they have to learn from different cultural traditions. To illustrate this a final chapter discusses Christology form this cross-cultural perspective and the conclusion sketches out ways in which both western and non-western traditions may interact to enrich theology.

For the churches in this part of the world are rapidly becoming a significant force in the world and their leaders are becoming increasingly articulate about their faith and about distortions the feel missionaries have introduced!

Sexism and God Talk: Toward a Feminist Theology

Beacon Press - How did a religion whose founding proponents advocated a shocking disregard of earthly ties come to extol the virtues of the "traditional" family? In this richly textured history of the relationship between Christianity and the family Rosemary Radford Ruether traces the development of these centerpieces of modern life to reveal the misconceptions at the heart of the "family values" debate.

. Used book in Good Condition.

Understanding Doctrine

Zondervan - In this highly readable and much-needed book, why it is important, Alister McGrath explains what doctrine is, and what its limitations are. Yet every time we talk about God, Jesus, or the Bible we end up making doctrinal statements. He then briefly examines three key doctrines to illustrate his points: the Incarnation, the Atonement, and the Trinity.

Used book in Good Condition. If our faith is to be coherent and if we want to grow in our faith, we cannot avoid thinking about doctrine. Christianity is not, and never has been, about finding the right combination of words! It is about encountering the living and loving God. From this truth many people have drawn the wrong conclusion that doctrine is irrelevant, except maybe for theologians.