The Organ Takers: A Novel of Surgical Suspense The McBride Trilogy Book 1

White Light Press - Failed surgeon david McBride is in exile from the surgical community after making a costly error in judgment. When he finally loses the last shred of his humanity, he seeks revenge with surgical precision. Unable to resolve the excruciating moral dilemma faced each time he invades the body of an unwilling victim, David McBride fights to free himself from the situation and in the process, loses everything.

Under the threat of violence, David is forced to perform illegal organ harvests in a makeshift operating room hidden in a dilapidated meatpacking warehouse in lower Manhattan. Down but not out, he perseveres and is given a second chance to establish a career in surgery. And instrumentation. But, as mcbride stands on the threshold of a new life, the malignant underside of his fellow man intervenes.

The Organ Growers: A Novel of Surgical Suspense The McBride Trilogy Book 2

White Light Press - In the second book of the mcBride trilogy, David enters the story having committed an egregious act that transgresses both moral and civil law. But, david mcbride soon finds himself caught between opposing forces—a corporate spy representing a prominent Russian biotech firm, and a man trying to save his daughter’s life—who are battling for control of the organ fabrication technologies that are vital to the growth of human organs in the laboratory.

. Left with no semblance of a normal life—his family, freedom, and humanity stripped away—he resigns to accept his fate and face whatever punishment is forthcoming.

Silent Treatment: A Novel

Bantam - In his five bestselling novels, from the sisterhood to Natural Causes, physician Michael Palmer has drawn on years of firsthand emergency-room experience to create the drama of a frighteningly authentic world--a world where the line between medicine and murder is scalpel-thin. Now, in his most harrowing suspense novel yet, Palmer reveals how the power to heal can become a license to kill.

. With his wife, scheduled for surgery the next day, Evie, Dr. Harry corbett goes to the hospital for what he hopes will be a quiet evening of reconciliation. In recent weeks evie, never quick to share her feelings, has been more closed and distant than ever. But when harry reaches Evie's room, it is too late for reconciliation.

Silent Treatment: A Novel - Shockingly, without warning, Evie is dead. The police suspect homicide. And their only suspect is Dr. Harry Corbett. Harry is not prepared for the stunning revelations that follow: His bright, beautiful, highly ambitious wife was leading a double life; she may have haddangerous secrets. But what secret could have been explosive enough to die for?Then the killer strikes again, boldly, tauntingly murdering one of Harry's favorite patients in such a way that only Harry knows the death was not natural.

Marker A Medical Thriller

G.P. Putnam's Sons - As her relationship with Dr. She discovers that the deaths might be intentional—the work of a remarkably clever serial killer with a shocking motive. With his signature blend of suspense and science, Robin Cook delivers an electrifying page-turner that delves into the murky ethics of developing genomic medicine and modern-day health care.

. With time winding down, she and jack must put aside the tensions between them in a race to connect the dots—and save Laurie’s life. Jack stapleton begins to unravel, Dr. As the need for answers becomes more urgent, Laurie is pulled into the nightmare as a potential victim herself. Laurie montgomery starts investigating the inexplicable deaths of young, healthy people after successful routine surgery.

Marker A Medical Thriller - And then laurie is hit with more devastating news: she might be carrying the genetic marker for breast cancer.

The Final Push A Short Story

White Light Press - While on call for the trauma service, third-year medical student Michael Higgins finds himself in an extraordinary situation. Following a lengthy emergency operation, the patient—known only as John Doe—is now under the care of the trauma team, of which student doctor Mike Higgins is a member. He is summoned to the er to participate in the evaluation and management of a critically-injured patient and soon discovers that the unconscious man lying before him is the same man who, one month earlier, committed a heinous act of violence that shattered Michael’s personal life.

As john doe’s condition gradually improves, higgins’ personal life deteriorates further, but there might be a way to reverse the downward spiral: if he sees to it that John Doe never leaves the hospital, Michael Higgins’ world may right itself.

99 Red Balloons: A chillingly clever psychological thriller with a stomach-flipping twist

Avon - Two girls go missing, decades apart. But as her loved ones rally around her, cracks begin to emerge. Her mother Emma is living a nightmare. What are the emails sent between her husband and her sister? Why does her mother take so long to join the search? And is there more to the disappearance of her daughter than meets the eye?Meanwhile, ageing widow Maggie Sharples sees a familiar face in the newspaper.

A face that jolts her from the pain of her existence into a spiralling obsession with another girl – the first girl who disappeared…This is a gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist that will take your breath away. What would you do if one was your daughter?Eight-year-old Grace is last seen in a sweetshop.

The Stolen: Henry Parker Suspense Thrillers Book 3

Armina Press - His family had presumed him dead and moved on after the devastation. But five years after his disappearance, Daniel Linwood suddenly appeared at his parents’ front door. Named one of the best books of the year by The StrandNominated for the Shamus Award"Pinter is among the best of a new generation of thriller writers.

Joseph finderfive years ago, young Daniel Linwood disappeared without a trace. There were no ransom demands. But in talking to daniel, he realizes that there are similarities between the boy's disappearance and a number of child abductions dating back over the past decade. And with no memory of the last five years.

The Stolen: Henry Parker Suspense Thrillers Book 3 - . Reporter henry parker is granted the first interview with Daniel Linwood’s family. Without a scratch. But to get to the bottom of these heinous crimes, Henry must turn to the one woman in his past who still owns a piece of his heart. And when henry comes to believe that more children are in danger, he’s willing to put everything on the line to stop a criminal.

But it’s only a matter of time before another life is snatched away.

Liar Liar: Another gripping serial killer thriller from the bestselling author DC Charlotte Stafford Series Book 3

Aria - Lies and accusations abound but who is behind the murders and why are the victims being targeted? Charlie, Hunter and the team must find the killer targeting their own before another body is found. Worryingly more will follow. Dc 'charlie' stafford returns with a superb new, brutally gripping serial killer thriller, where the hunter becomes the hunted.

Both are police officers. Perfect for the fans of Angela Marsons. Both have a red rose at their side. From the bestselling author of Mummy's Favourite and The Trophy Taker. A faithful dog lies wounded beside the mutilated body of its owner. A woman is discovered bound and gagged, dead in her own bed.

Critical Judgment: A Novel

Bantam - In the tiny town of Patience, California, newcomer Dr. Abby dolan has noticed a frightening syndrome among her emergency room patients. It begins with a baffling, seemingly minor set of symptoms, but builds relentlessly until it plunges its victims into insane, murderous rages. As she searches for clues to this deadly mystery, Abby's superiors make it clear her probing is unwelcome.

Soon abby will learn just how high the cost of the truth may be--and how far someone will go to keep a lethal secret. But she may not find the answer until it's too late to save her patients, her career. Her life.

The Serial Killer's Daughter: A totally gripping thriller full of shocking twists

Bookouture - Loved every word. Fans of serial killer reads are without a doubt going to love it as it definitely has the shock factor. By the letter book reviews‘the character development in this psychological thriller is sublime… Without doubt one of the most twisted serial killers I’ve encountered… Very twisty.

It’s all about Books. Highly recommend this brilliant read. Renita d’silva‘it is a seriously dark and disturbing read… As evil as Don is, he still fascinated me and even though I was horrified by his actions, I had to keep reading. Taylor, rachel Abbott, and Tom Bale. Read what everyone is saying about the serial killer’s Daughter:‘Amazing, tense and twisted… From the first page to the last, page turning, the pace doesn't stop at all.

Stylish brunette‘oh my goodness what a dark and twisted read… gripping from the first page, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to its shocking conclusion… A roller coaster of a thriller… A gripping story of the psychology of evil and the lengths people will go to meet their own needs.

The Serial Killer's Daughter: A totally gripping thriller full of shocking twists - The book review Café‘An explosive climax. Novel gossip‘This thriller will have you speeding to the end. Books, books and more books‘Had me gripped… I couldn’t tear my eyes away. The writing garnet‘Twists and turns galore which kept me gripped from start to finish. Brilliantly written… I highly recommend.

Skeleton Sea The Forensic Geology Series Book 4

- But there is nothing ordinary going on here. The geologists track the strange incident to an even stranger project. They must face their deepest fears in order to end this project. If they fail, lethal creations will be unleashed. Unstoppable. Page-turning adventure that leaves you rushing to find out what is going on in the ocean.

Amazon reviewer ◄a mystery at sea plunges forensic geologists Cassie Oldfield and Walter Shaws into deadly waters. When a boat is found deserted off the California coast, it looks to be a simple fishing accident. Someone with toxic skills is at work in this sea. Cassie and walter are forensic pros--but they are up against a master in an undersea world where they don't belong.