The Secret, Book & Scone Society

Kensington - And as they untangle a web of corruption, purpose, they also discover their own courage, and a sisterhood that will carry them through every challenge—proving it’s never too late to turn the page and start over . Strangers flock here hoping the natural hot springs, five-star cuisine, and renowned spa can cure their ills.

. Stunned, and scone society, nora forms the Secret, Book, a group of damaged souls yearning to gain trust and earn redemption by helping others. But before he can keep their appointment at Miracle Books, he’s found dead on the train tracks. Miracle springs, North Carolina, is a place of healing. That’s nora’s special talent—prescribing the perfect novel to ease a person’s deepest pain and lighten their heaviest burden.

If none of that works, they often find their way to miracle Books, where, over a fresh-baked “comfort” scone from the Gingerbread House bakery, they exchange their stories with owner Nora Pennington in return for a carefully chosen book. From new york times bestselling author ellery adams comes the first in an intriguing new series set within a quirky small-town club where the key to happiness, friendship—or solving a murder—can all be found within the pages of the right book.

The Secret, Book & Scone Society - When a visiting businessman reaches out to Nora for guidance, she knows exactly which novels will help. Determined to uncover the truth behind the businessman’s demise, the women meet in Nora’s cramped and cozy bookstore to share stories and trade support. To join the society, members must divulge their darkest secret—the terrible truth that brought each of them to Miracle Springs in the first place.

The Whispered Word Secret, Book & Scone Society

Kensington - In new york times bestselling author ellery adams’ intriguing new Secret, and Scone Society novel, Book, North Carolina, Nora Pennington and her fiction loving friends in small-town Miracle Springs, encounter a young woman desperately in need of a new beginning . But when a customer is found dead in an assumed suicide, Nora uncovers a connection that points to Abilene as either a suspect—or another target.

Summer’s end has brought other new arrivals to Miracle Springs too. Such is the case with the reed-thin girl hiding in the fiction section of Nora’s store, wearing a hospital ID and a patchwork of faded bruises. And when a second death hits town, nora and her intrepid friends must help the new, greenhorn sheriff discern fact from fiction—and stop a killer intent on bringing another victim’s story to a close.

The Whispered Word Secret, Book & Scone Society - But she and the other members of the Secret, Book, and Scone Society know that sometimes, practical help is needed too. Entrepreneur griffin kingsley opens Virtual Genie, a cyber business that unloads people’s unwanted goods for cash. She calls herself abilene, shelter, and though Nora and her friends offer work, and a supportive ear, their guest isn’t ready to divulge her secrets.

. A patient listener, griffin dispenses candy to children and strong coffee to adults, and seems like a bona fide gentleman.

Murder in the Locked Library A Book Retreat Mystery

Kensington - Combines clever clues, a smart and courageous heroine and an interesting setting in a whodunit that will inspire readers to make further visits to Storyton Hall. Richmond times-dispatch on Murder in the Paperback Parlor. Welcome to storyton hall, virginia, where book lovers travel from near and far to enjoy the singular comforts of the Agatha Christie Tea Room, where they can discuss the merits of their favorite authors no matter how deadly the topic .

. With her twins, jane steward can finally focus on her work again—managing Storyton Hall, and breaking ground on the resort’s latest attraction: a luxurious, Fitzgerald and Hemingway, back in school, relaxing spa named in honor of Walt Whitman. As the questions—and suspects—start stacking up, Jane will have to uncover a killer before more unhappy endings ensue.

Murder in the Locked Library A Book Retreat Mystery - . The attendees of the rare book conference are eager to assist Jane with this unexpected historical mystery—until a visitor meets an untimely end in the Henry James Library. But when the earth is dug up to start laying the spa’s foundation, something else comes to the surface—a collection of unusual bones and the ragged remnants of a very old book.

Murder in the Reading Room A Book Retreat Mystery

Kensington - . But manager jane steward is temporarily leaving for another renowned resort—in hopes of solving a twist-filled mystery. When she finally locates the kidnapped edwin, convinced that it houses Ernest Hemingway’s lost suitcase, his captor insists that she lead him back to Storyton Hall, stolen from a Paris train station in 1922.

. That is, until his body turns up in the reading room of his cottage, a book on his lap. Storyton hall, virginia, is a paradise for book lovers who come from all over for literary getaways. One of the staff gardeners promises to be helpful. Readers will find themselves wanting to live in Storyton, no matter how many people end up dead there.

Murder in the Reading Room A Book Retreat Mystery - Suspense  magazine on Murder in the Locked Library. Jane’s boyfriend is missing, and she thinks she may find him at North Carolina’s historic Biltmore Estate. But before they can turn up the treasure, the bell may toll for another victim. Officially, she’s there to learn about luxury hotel management, but she’s also prowling around the breathtaking buildings and grounds looking for secret passageways and clues.

Eaves of Destruction A Fixer-Upper Mystery

Berkley - The small town’s corrupt building inspector is found dead on one of Shannon’s jobsites, and soon plenty of suspects are coming out of the woodwork. One-upmanship and even espionage break out among neighbors, construction crews, decorators, and landscapers. Shannon is in high demand among rival homeowners, who will do anything to win Best in Show.

. Murder is on the to-do list when construction contractor Shannon Hammer looks for a killer in the fifth Fixer-Upper Mystery. Don't miss the hallmark movies & mystery originals starring jewel, shannon Hammer, California’s premier contractor, based on the Fixer-Upper Mystery series!At the annual Victorian Home and Garden Tour, Lighthouse Cove, realizes that the competition is about to turn deadly.

Eaves of Destruction A Fixer-Upper Mystery - . When another body is discovered, shannon calls on her team of close friends and devilishly astute thriller writer Mac to help her nail down the details and build a case against the killer before the door shuts on someone else—for good. Thanks to several new hires, Shannon is sure she can handle the extra load—until murder throws a wrench in the works.

The Inn at Holiday Bay: Answers in the Attic

Independently published - What she ended up with was, a cat she couldn't seem to convince to leave, an inn she never knew she wanted, and a new family she'd never be able to live without. In book 4 in the series, the remodel is almost complete and Abby and Georgia are planning a huge grand opening. Abby is just about to get started when a woman named Trinity Roswell shows up claiming to be the great, great, great, niece of Abagail Chesterton, the wife of the man who built the house, Chamberlain Westminster.

Trinity, a woman in her thirties, is doing a family history and has questions about Abagail. While abby and trinity seek out the last of the secrets the house once held, Nikki is dating a man Georgia doesn't like and doesn't trust, Colt is busy remodeling his own new home, Tanner has a new litter of puppies, and Annie notifies Abby about a death in the family.

The Inn at Holiday Bay: Answers in the Attic - After suffering a personal tragedy abby sullivan buys a huge old seaside mansion she has never even seen, a drifter with her own tragic past named Georgia, packs up her life in San Francisco, where she is adopted, and moves to Holiday Bay Maine, by a huge Maine Coon Cat named Rufus, quite against her will, and a giant dog with an inferiority complex named Ramos.

A heartwarming cozy mystery series about losing everything, taking a chance, and starting again. They figure that if Abagail did leave anything behind then the attic is where it would be stored. The only thing left for abby to do before Lonnie can wrap things up is to go through the items left in the attic by prior residents.

What abby thought she needed was alone time to heal.

Not a Creature Was Purring A Paws & Claws Mystery

Berkley - Now holly and her dedicated detectives—trixie and Twinkletoes the cat—must sniff out the killer to keep Christmas from going to the dogs…Delicious recipes for owners and pets included! Inspired by her german heritage, holly’s grandmother has arranged for Wagtail to have a Christkindl Market packed with goodies and decorations for the howliday tourists.

Santa claws is coming to town and checking his list for a murderer—as the New York Times bestselling Paws & Claws Mysteries continue…Inn owner Holly Miller finds it ruff staying cheerful over the holidays when the dead body of a beloved businessman turns up in the pet-friendly town of Wagtail, Virginia.

Not a Creature Was Purring A Paws & Claws Mystery - But holly’s mood takes an unseasonable turn when she learns that her old flame and childhood friend Holmes Richardson has brought his fiancée home—and she’ll be staying at the Sugar Maple Inn…   A love triangle becomes the last thing on Holly’s mind when her Jack Russell Trixie’s nose for trouble leads her to the corpse of a pet clothing tycoon.

The Book of Candlelight Secret, Book & Scone Society

Kensington - Since a little rain never hurt anyone, Nora rides her bike over to the flea market one sodden day and buys a bowl from Danny, a Cherokee potter. A crucial clue may lie within the stone walls of the inn of Mist and Roses: a diary, over a century old and spattered with candle wax, that leads Nora and her friends through a maze of intrigue—and onto the trail of a murderer.

The local inns are packed with stranded travelers, the sixtysomething Sheldon, and among them Nora finds both new customers and a new friend, who starts helping out at the store. Amid the wreckage of a collapsed footbridge, a body lies within the churning water. As the owner of miracle books, Nora Pennington figures all the wet weather this spring is at least good for business.

The Book of Candlelight Secret, Book & Scone Society - . It’ll make a great present for nora’s emt boyfriend, a little rain turns into a lot of rain, but the next day, and the Miracle River overflows it banks. When another body turns up, it becomes clearer that Danny’s death can’t be blamed on a natural disaster. In the new secret, book, the rain in miracle springs, north Carolina, and Scone Society novel from New York Times bestselling author Ellery Adams, has been relentless—and a flood of trouble is about to be unleashed .

Nora and the sheriff both doubt the ruling of accidental drowning, Book, and Nora decides it’s time for the Secret, and Scone Society to spring into action.

Plum Tea Crazy A Tea Shop Mystery

Berkley - But a tragic accident becomes something much more sinister when it's discovered that the victim was first shot with a bolt from a crossbow. Theodosia browning investigates a Charleston steeped in tradition and treachery in the latest Tea Shop Mystery from New York Times bestselling author Laura Childs. While viewing the harbor's gaslights and galleons Parade from the widow's walk of Timothy Neville's Charleston mansion, local banker Carson Lanier seemingly tumbles over a narrow railing, then plunges three stories to his death.

At the request of the mansion owner, Theodosia investigates the tragedy and is soon neck deep in suspects. An almost ex-wife, a real estate partner--all had motives for killing the luckless banker, a coworker, but one resorted to murder to settle accounts. Includes delicious recipes and tea time tips! .

Death in the Stacks A Library Lover's Mystery

Berkley - Lindsey norris and her staff are gearing up for the Briar Creek Library’s annual Dinner in the Stacks fund-raiser. But when olive publicly threatens the library’s newest hire, Paula, Lindsey cracks like an old book spine and throws Olive out of the library. The night of the fund-raiser, lindsey dreads another altercation with Olive—but instead finds Paula crouched over Olive’s dead body.

. Paula may have secrets, but lindsey and the rest of the crafternooners know she’s not the one who took Olive out of circulation. As the plot thickens, lindsey must catch the real killer before the book closes on Paula’s future. The night of dinner and dancing is not only a booklover’s dream—it’s the library’s biggest moneymaker of the year.

Death in the Stacks A Library Lover's Mystery - . In the latest library lover’s mystery from the new York Times bestselling author of Better Late Than Never, the library’s big fund-raiser leaves director Lindsey Norris booked for trouble. But instead of raising funds, the new library board president is busy raising a stink and making the staff miserable.

Although olive boyle acts like a storybook villain, Lindsey is determined to work with her and make the event a success.

The Book Supremacy Bibliophile Mystery

Berkley - Before they agree, derek makes sure the security is up to snuff—turns out, the unassuming book is worth a great deal more than sentimental value. Soon after, derek is dismayed when he receives a mysterious letter from Paris announcing Ned’s death. Are the murders connected to brooklyn's rare, pricey book? is there something even more sinister afoot? Brooklyn and the spy who loves her will have to delve into the darkest parts of Derek's past to unmask an enemy who's been waiting for the chance to destroy everything they hold dear.

Once they're back home in San Francisco, they visit a spy shop Ned mentioned. When they bump into ned, an old friend from Derek’s spy days, Brooklyn shows him her latest treasure. Then late one night, someone is killed inside the spy shop. In the latest in this new york times bestselling series, San Francisco book-restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright investigates a mysterious spy novel linked to a string of murders.

The Book Supremacy Bibliophile Mystery - . Newlyweds brooklyn and Derek are enjoying the final days of their honeymoon in Paris. As they're browsing the book stalls along the Seine, a first edition James Bond novel, Brooklyn finds the perfect gift for Derek, The Spy Who Loved Me. The owner begs them to let him display the book Brooklyn found in Paris as part of the shop's first anniversary celebration.