The Word of the Lord at Mass: Understanding the Lectionary

Liturgy Training Publications - It especially highlights how, in harmony with the liturgical year, the Lectionary presents Bible selections that unfold Christ's Paschal Mystery. Designed to be friendly and accessible, the book includes quotes from Church documents, glossary, charts, and suggestions for further reading. The book also discusses the ecumenical impact of the Catholic Lectionary.

Finally, it explains the physical aspects of the Lectionary's layout and gives a tour of the four volumes. It explains why readings are chosen and combined and the various implications of those choices. Accenting the vital link between the liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist, this inviting little book presents the Lectionary as a book designed to be proclaimed in the liturgy, to give voice to the living Christ speaking to his people.

The Word of the Lord at Mass: Understanding the Lectionary - . The word of the lord at mass: Understanding the Lectionary introduces the book from which Catholics hear Scripture proclaimed throughout the year. It explains what a lectionary is, how it developed over centuries, and how our current Lectionary grew out of the Second Vatican Council and differs from previous ones.

This book will enrich liturgical ministers and anyone interested in the role of the Bible in Catholic life.

Unfolding Sacred Scripture: How Catholics Read the Bible

Liturgy Training Publications - The author explains the catholic understanding of the Bible as the revealed and sacred Word of God and discusses how Catholics set about interpreting the Bible. In the second part, he offers a guided tour through the major parts and essential themes of the Bible. Unfolding sacred scripture: How Catholics Read the Bible invites readers into the Catholic practice of reading Scripture.

In the first part, the book introduces insights from the tradition, from its early days to its present teachings, showing what makes the Catholic approach distinct from other ways of reading the Bible.

Deacon at Mass, The: A Theological and Pastoral Guide; Second Edition

Paulist Press - A step-by-step handbook for deacons through the eucharistic celebration, may do preach a homily, this text looks at everything a deacon must do read the gospel, and may never do sing the concluding doxology. This second edition of the deacon at mass situates the role of the Deacon at Liturgy based on the new General Instruction on the Roman Missal GIRM.

Study questions follow each chapter. Noteworthy in the second edition:*the original edition had the benefit of drawing on the new GIRM, and while nothing in the GIRM has changed, we have the added benefit of the final English translations. Questions raised by readers and reviewers of the original edition are answered.

Deacon at Mass, The: A Theological and Pastoral Guide; Second Edition - An expanded introduction addresses specific issues related to the preparation and translation of liturgical books in general, and each subsequent chapter now includes references and guidance related to the approved English translation.

Composing Sacred Scripture: How the Bible Was Formed

Liturgy Training Publications - Fr. He shares the best current Bible scholarship and also explains the Church s teachings on the inspired and revealed written Word of God. This book will intrigue and satisfy all who want to deepen their Christian faith. Donald senior deftly describes the anatomy of the Bible and the history of its development.

Composing sacred scripture: How the Bible Was Formed tells the fascinating story of the Bible s formation. Taking shape over centuries, the Bible was incubated in the liturgical life of Hebrew and Christian communities, nourished by prayer and preaching.

Introduction to Order of Mass: A Pastoral Resource of the Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy Pastoral Liturgy

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Used book in Good Condition. An essential resource for "liturgical formation of the People of God, " this book offers a detailed guide to the celebration of Mass, from introductory to concluding rites.

Preaching in the Sunday Assembly: A Pastoral Commentary on Fulfilled in Your Hearing

Liturgical Press - This commentary emphasizes the document's continuing importance for the initial and ongoing formation of Catholic liturgical preachers, liturgical, while also inviting conversation about present-day cross-cultural, and communication concerns for Catholic preaching. Priests, seminarians, deacons, bishops, and all others engaged in the preaching task are invited to deepen their appreciation of the homily's unique role in the liturgical life of the church and to stir their enthusiasm for preaching and preaching preparation.

Here, several catholic scholars in homiletics, in a pastoral commentary on Fulfilled in Your Hearing, liturgy, and biblical studies both appreciate the abiding insights of Fulfilled in Your Hearing and also propose areas for continuing reflection. Used book in Good Condition. What should preachers aim for in sunday preaching? In 1982, the USCCB document Fulfilled in Your Hearing: The Homily in the Sunday Assembly answered this question.

Preaching in the Sunday Assembly: A Pastoral Commentary on Fulfilled in Your Hearing - Following the four sections of the Bishops' document: The Assembly, The Preacher, The Homily, and Homiletic Method.

The Deacon's Ministry of the Liturgy

Liturgical Press - The deacon’s ministry of the Liturgy offers a concise and accessible introduction to the liturgical aspects of the ministry of the diaconate. Deacons and those in diaconal formation, the bishops and priests they work with, their families, and the people they serve will welcome it. The book covers not only the practical side of liturgical ministry—what the deacon does in various liturgical celebrations—but also roots of that ministry in Scripture and tradition, as well as reflecting on the role of the liturgy in the spiritual life of the deacon.

. The deacon’s ministry series explores the three fundamental diaconal ministries identified in the teaching of Vatican II: those of the liturgy, of the word, and of charity to the people of God Lumen Gentium 29. This series, spirituality, offers a rich combination of theology, written by three highly regarded permanent deacons, and practical and effective guidance.

The Deacon's Ministry of the Liturgy - Used book in Good Condition.

Homiletic Directory

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Used book in Good Condition. It answers the call from pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI to make preaching a priority for the Church. The homiletic directory from the vaticans Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments will help deacons, priests, and bishops renew homiletic preaching.

The homiletic directory will strengthen appreciation for the homily as a tool to preach the Catholic faith.

Hear the Word of the Lord: The Lectionary in Catholic Ritual

Liturgy Training Publications - Used book in Good Condition. In offering a practical overview of the Lectionary, he guides readers to a greater appreciation for liturgical proclamation, which requires both a proclaimer and a listener to hear the word of the Lord. Steeped in the history and composition of the New Testament, Connell demonstrates the way in which a listening assembly serves as an essential component of both our experience and our understanding of Scripture.

Christ the Sacrament of the Encounter With God

Sheed & Ward - A reprinting of SchillebeeckxOs classic work. A positive and constructive ecclesial theology. Used book in Good Condition. A standard in understanding the relationship between Christ, Sacrament and the Church.

A Deacon's Retreat

Paulist Press - A self-directed retreat for deacons in the Catholic Church designed to lead the deacon into silent adoration and deeper appropriation of his call from Christ to become a deacon. Used book in Good Condition.